• HungarysSkilletXFrancesFace

    'Ello! You can guess what stuffz I'm going to post by looking at the title.

    After finishing the Ult. Gen I stuffz, I'll move onto Ult. Gen II stuffz.

    I'm going to start Pokémon Ultimate Yellow soon.

    Here are some spoiler-stuffz:

    • Ultimate Feraligatr will be Fighting/Water.
    • Ultimate Meganium will be Light/Grass.
    • Ultimate Typhlosion will be Fire/Ground/Rock.
    • Champeon and Heaveon are confirmed.
    • The new Mutant-type has been confirmed.
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  • HungarysSkilletXFrancesFace

    I have a Mystery Dungeon idea. Six people are turned into Pokémon. Users.

    If you want to sign up to be a character, put down your Nickname and what Pokémon you want to be transformed into.

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  • H20guy

    New Region coming 4/15/12

    April 19, 2012 by H20guy

    I've made another region, it will start being posted on the 25th of April.

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