is the fourth episode of Pokémon Infinity.


Zero walked up to Violet City.

(Falker): Hey kid, wanna fight?

(Zero): No thanks–

Zero noticed the Team Aero badge on his shirt.

(Zero): Team Aero!

(Falkner): You're against Team Aero?

(Zero): Heck yeah!

(Falkner): You better join! Go, Charmeleon! Ember!

(Zero): Go, Charmander! Ember!

The two embers collided.

Charmander fainted.

(Zero): Well then... Poochyena!

Poochyena bit Charmeleon. Charmeleon used Smokescreen. A glowing happened. Mightyena crawled out of the smoke! Poochyena evolved!

(Mightyena): YENA!

(Falkner): Charmeleon, return! Go... Pidgey!

Mightyena bit Pidgey. Pidgey fainted. Falkner sent out Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl Hyper Beam'd Mightyena. Zero sent out Rayquaza.

(Rayquaza): Quassa!


Rayquaza fired Hyper Beam. Aerodactyl used Wing Attack. Rayquaza dodged. Aerodactyl used Giga Impact. Rayquaza used Dragon Pulse. Aerodactyl used Earthquake. Zero fell over. Rayquaza used Crunch. Aerodactyl used Steel Wing. Rayquaza used Outrage, and Aerodactyl used Sandstorm. Rayquaza was hurt by Sandstorm. Aerodactyl used Payback. Rayquaza was hurt by Sandstorm.

(Rayquaza): AAAAAAAAAAGH! Can't stand... Much... More...

Rayquaza surprisingly used Sandstorm! He made it disappear. Aerodactyl used Hyper Beam. Rayqquaza fainted! Zero recalled Rayquaza. He fell on the ground.

(Falkner): I thought you would be tougher...

Falkner kicked dust on Zero. Zero blacked out.

The End.