Kangrass is one of the three starter Pokemon from Conteion region along with Emberquirrel and Sharkaby. It evolves into Kangprince at level 17. It Is a pure grass type.


Physiology Kangrass is a small kangaroo like Pokemon. It is manily green, with a tan patch. It has large feet and small hands. At a height of 2 feet it's not the tallest Pokemon. It also has a long green tail that ends in a swirl. They bring apples to Kangking.

Gender DifferencesEdit

Females have larger tan pouches then males.

Special AbilitiesEdit

With their large feet they can jump up to 20 feet in the air. They can also hold apples in their large pouches, which they give to Kangking. They can also attack enmies with their tails and feet.


Kangrass are very jolly Pokemon. However some that serve a Kangking are miserable. But in the end they are loveing Pokemon and trust their trainers.

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