Pokemon Ultimate Red Version

This is the page for the walkthrough of Ultimate Red.

Starting OutEdit

Here are the first questions:

  • Are you boy or a girl?

You wake up in your room. Go out the hall. Go downstairs. You're in the living room. Take the five Pokéballs sitting on the coffee table. Go to the kitchen, and then go out the front door.

You are stopped by a Charmander. Your Charmander. It is at the top of your party, meaning it will follow you. Go north, onto Route 1 (Ultimate Generation I).

Morning Pokémon Day Pokémon Evening Pokémon Night Pokémon
Rattata Rattata Rattata
Pidgey Nidoran Nidoran
Butterfree Venonat

You are stopped by Bugcatcher Ken.

Bug Catcher Ken $400
Lvl. 4 - Weedle - Male Poison Sting, String Shot
Lvl. 2 - Caterpie - Female String Shot, Tackle

Ken tells you he is guarding the Pokémon from Rocket. Go past him, into Viridian City.

Trainer HouseEdit

There are some trainers here. They guard Viridian City. To get in, beat six of them.

Youngster Al $400
Level 4 - Rattata - Male Tackle, Scratch
Level 6 - Bulbasaur - Female Vine Whip, Razor Leaf
Lass Karen $600
Level 7 - Sandshrew - Male Scratch
Level 3 - Weedle - Male Poison Sting, String Shot
Level 9 - Squirtle - Female Bubble, Tackle

Biker Ken Full Heal
Level 5 - Koffing - Male Smog, Tackle
Level 4 - Spearow - Female Double Team, Tackle
Level 10 - Charmander - Male Flamethrower, Ember, Scratch, Growl

Here, there is a Pokémon Center-like thing.

Swimmer Janet TM01 - Bubblebeam
Level 8 - Staryu Bubble
Level 2 - Horsea Water Gun
Level 11 - Vaporeon Tackle, Bubblebeam

Officer Jekkyl $400
Level 10 - Growlithe - Male Ember, Tackle
Level 6 - Growlithe - Female Ember

Cooltrainer Collins TM02 - Ariel Ace
Level 11 - Pidgey - Female Gust
Level 11 - Zubat - Male Leech Life
Level 12 - Metapod - Female Harden
Level 8 - Charmander - Male Ember, Scratch

Viridian CityEdit

Walk into the city. A man runs up to you and tells you that Team Rocket has kidnapped the mayor. Walk into the PokéMart, which is closed. Pick up the Pokétool laying on the ground. Walk out. A Rocket member! Make that two!

Rocket Spies Annie and Oakley $1000
Lvl. 8 - Espeon - Female Psychic, Confusion
Lvl. 10 Metapod - Male Poison Sting, Twineedle

They run away, dropping a key. Pick it up. Walk over to the abandoned shed and unlock the doors. The mayor will give you HM01 - Cut. Walk out to Viridian Forest.

Viridian ForestEdit

Wild Pokémon
Morning Day Evening Night
Pidgey Nidoran Pichu Weedle
Pidgeotto Pikachu Staryu (Fishing) Fearow
Nidoran Sandshrew Vulpix Starmie (Fishing)
Weedle Caterpie Pichu Gyarados (Fishing)
Kakuna Beedrill Gastly
Beedrill Spearow Haunter
Nidorina Nidoran Weedle

Walk up to the guy in the boat. He offers to take you across the river. After getting on the boat, your Char- will burn the boat. Jump onto the dock. A trainer is there.

Bugcatcher Kyle Charcoal
Lvl. 10 Beedrill - Male Twineedle
Lvl. 4 Bulbasaur - Female Razor Leaf
Lvl. 13 Butterfree - Female

Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder

After beating him, walk over to the cave. A Slowking is there. He wants to battle!

Lvl. 14 Slowking - Male Cut, Surf, Harden, Strength

Slowking will tell you that a trainer named Giovanni destroyed most of this forest with an army of trainers. He goes into your Pokéball.

Exit the cave and head north. A giant tree is there. Use Cut to create a door there.

Pewter CityEdit

Walk into the city. A Cleafairy will start chasing you around. It wants you to go into the Pewter Museum.

Petwer MuseumEdit

Pick up HM09, Brick Break. The Clefairy turns on the lights. Team Rocket!

Billy and Kid $1400
Lvl. 13 Sandshrew - Male Scratch, Dig, Fury Swipes
Lvl. 12 Pikachu - Male Thunderbolt
Lvl. 12 Eevee - Female Tackle

After chasing Billy and Kid away, walk up to the Aerodactyl fossil. It glows, and the museum begins to collapse! Walk upstairs to where another grunt is.

Grunt $100
Lvl. 2 Cleffa - Female Metronome
Lvl. 10 Ditto Transform

He drops the Moon Dust Container. Pick it up. Run over to the Kabuto Fossil. Collect it. Run upstairs again.

Officer Jenny $1400
Lvl. 8 Growlithe - Male Fire Punch
Lvl. 10 - Spearow - Male Drill Beak

She gives you the Flashlight App. Run over to the Spacesuit. Take it. The floor beneath you collapses. You are on the first floor. Pick up the Omanyte Fossil. Run downstairs where the Aerodactyl Fossil went. Giovanni!

Giovanni Aerodactyl Fossil
Lvl. 10 Growlithe - Male Fire Blast, Ember
Lvl. 14 Persian - Female Bite
Lvl. 12 Ekans - Male Bite, Poison Fang
Lvl. 10 Koffing - Male Smog
Lvl. 14 Zubat - Male Leech Life, Fly
Lvl. 17 Mewtwo Confusion, Psychic

He leaves if you beat him. Grab the Escape Rope and escape with the fossils, space dust, and spacesuit.

Pewter GymEdit

Walk into Pewtwer Gym. The guardian trainer awaits.

Forrest $100
Lvl. 10 Rhydon - Male



Walk up to Flint.

Flint TM03 - Explosion
Lvl. 10 Geodude



Lvl. 11 Geodude



Lvl. 10 Steelix




Iron Tail

Lvl. 13 Zubat - Male Leech Life

Walk out of the gym. Go East to Mt. Moon. Before entering, the Magikarp Salesman is there. He sells you (with no choice) a Magikarp.

Lvl. 15 Magikarp - Male Splash

Enter Mt. Moon.

Mt. MoonEdit

Floor One


Walk up to the nearest Trainer.

Adventurer Jones TM04 - Bullet Seed
Lvl. 15 Ivysaur - Male

Bullet Seed

Vine Whip

Lvl. 16 Clefable - Female


He tells you he needs to get to Cerulean City. Team up with him. He gives you the Phone App, with his number on it. He'll follow you.

Walk to the right. A shady figure tells you that he is ready to battle.

Shady Figure $1000
Lvl. 16 Starmie



Lvl. 20 Gengar



Dream Eater

He runs away. Cross the rocks he was guarding. After you get to the final rock, Jones runs past you and the bridge falls.


You're in the Underground now.


Go north. Then east, north, north, north, east, and east. To the north there is a place you can create a fort.Walk inside. The furniture is old. Go to the mattress and sleep.

To be continued...