is an episode of Pokémon Infinity.


Rayquaza, Rachel, Zero, and Minccino were heading to Unova. They could see it.


Rayquaza was hit by lightning.

(Rayquaza): ZAAAAAA!

Rayquaza recovered, and swiftly dodged a lightning bolt. A stream of fire appeared before Rayquaza, but he dodged it, too

(Zero): What the heck?

Zekrom, Reshiram, and a floating sky base appeared.


Rayquaza fired a Hyper Beam at Reshiram. It fired another Flamethrower. Rachel jumped on the base. So did Zero.

(Zero): Minccino, Rayquaza, hold off these two!

A man in a mask appeared before Zero.

(Man): Ahh, Zero Quaza. My soldiers have been spying on you. May I take your Rayquaza?

(Zero): NO WAY!

(Man): Okay then. One-on-one.

(Zero): Go, Mightyena!

(Man): Staraptor.

Mightyena bit Staraptor, but Staraptor used Close Combat.

(Zero): Mightyena, hold it off!

Zero ran off.

(Man): Soldiers, see that they are captured.

(Soldier): We have already captured the girl.

(Man): He'll be back.

To be written.

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