is the third episode of Pokémon Infinity.


Zero was walking on a road. He heard a noise.

(Trainer): Dark Croconaw, knock it out!

(Dark Croconaw): Croco!

(Charmander): Char!

Zero ran to the scene of the battle. The red-haired kid!

(Kid): This Charmander is mine!

(Zero): Really? You'd turn it evil!

(Kid): What's wrong with that?

(Zero): Everything! Let's battle over it!

(Kid): 4 on 4.

(Zero): Go, Poochyena!

(Poochyena): Pooch!

(Kid): Go, Dark Sentret!

(Dark Sentret): Sentret....

(Kid): Quick Attack!

(Zero): Poochyena, Bite!

Sentret hit Poochyena's jaw. Poochyena bit Sentret's tail. Sentret evolved into Furret! Furret fired a Hyper Beam. Poochyena fainted. So did Furret.

(Kid): Go, Dark Bellsprout!

(Zero): Go, Cyndaquil!

(Kid): Bellsprout, Vine Whip!

(Cyndaquil): Quiiil!

Cyndaquil fainted. Zero sent out Scyther.

(Scyther): Scy.... THER!

Scyther used Cut on Bellsprout. Bellsprout fainted.

(Kid): Dark Croconaw, Water Gun!

The kid sent out Dark Croconaw. It used Water Gun on Scyther. Scyther used Slash on Dark Croconaw. They both fainted.

(Kid): Dark Sneasel!

(Zero): Ray-

Charmander jumped on the battlefield. It used Ember on Sneasel. Sneasel was hurt by burn. Sneasel used Fury Swipes. It was hurt again. Charmander used Scratch. Sneasel was hurt by burn. And Sneasel fainted.

(Kid): Argh... You can have it. It's too weak anyway.

The kid walked away, and recalled Sneasel.

(Zero): Charmander... I still have to fight you...

(Zero): Go, Rayquaza! Ancient Power!

Rayquaza used Ancient Power on Charmander. Zero threw a Pokéball.

(Zero): I caught a Charmander!

The End.