is the pilot of Pokémon Infinity.


Zero walked into New Bark Town. He noticed a red-haired teenager staring at the lab.

(Zero): Dude, can I get in?

(Red-Haired Guy): Huh? Oh.

The teen walked away. Zero walked into the lab.

(Zero): Hello, Professor Elm!

(Elm): Oh, h-hi. Are you here for your starter?

(Zero): I'm fourteen, I should've had one four years ago! Duh.

(Elm): Inside these three balls are Pokémon.

(Elm): Cyndaquil. Totodile. And Chikorita.

(Zero): I choose Cyndaquil!

Zero snatched Cyndaquil and started to leave.

(Elm): B-but you have no balls!

(Zero): I have balls, idiot.

(Elm): Not that kind.

Elm tossed Zero some Pokéballs. Zero left.

The screen goes dark for a second. It's night around town. Someone breaks the window of Elm's lab. They jump in.

(Voice): Time to have my Pokémon.

They knocked over the table. They stole the Totodile and put it in a Dark Ball.

(Voice): I better beat it. Dark Totodile, Water Gun this place to the ground!

Dark Totodile flooded the lab. The guy and his Totodile ran away.

(Zero): Hold it. One on one. You versus me.

(Shady Guy): I don't have time.

(Zero): Rayquaza... Prepare the Hyper Beam.

(Shady Guy): Rayquaza!? Um, I have time!

(Zero): Let's battle. Now. Go, Cyndaquil!

(Shady Guy): Dark Totodile. Water Gun.

(Cyndaquil): Cynda!

Totodile fired Water Gun and Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil used Flamethrower.


Totodile fired Water Gun again, turning the flames into smoke.

(Shady Guy): Let's end this. Rage attack!

Totodile attacked Cyndaquil.

(Zero): Flamethrower, quick!

Cyndaquil's flamethrower went out of control and burnt down most of New Bark Town. Totodile was burned.

(Shady Guy): Rage gets stronger the lower my Pokémon's HP is. And that's very low right now. So, Rage!

Totodile attacked Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil fainted, and so did Totodile.

(Shady Guy): That's my information.

Shady Guy stepped out of the darkness, revealing himself to be the red-haired teenager.

(Zero): But...

The teenager walked away.

The End.