is the last episode of the Falkner Arc of Pokemon Infinity.


Zero walked in the gym. Falkner approached him.

(Zero): Go, Onix!

Zero sent out his new Onix. Falkner sent out Pidgeotto.

(Zero): BIND!

(Falkner): Oh crap. Whirlwind!

(Zero): DODGE!

Onix dodged Pidgeotto's Whirlwind. Onix then used Rock Tomb. Pidgeotto fainted. Falkner sent out Charmeleon.

(Zero): Onix, return! MIGHTYENA!

Mightyena jumped onto field and bit Charmeleon. Charmeleon used Ember. Mightyena swiftly dodged. Charmeleon ran after Mightyena, but tripped on its own tail.

(Charmeleon): CHAAAAAAAAR!

Charmeleon fainted.

(Falkner): I swiftly call forth the power of the mountains! The power of the ancients! The power of eternal life! The power of prehistoric times! I call forth, the mighty AERODACTYL!

(Zero): Mighty my butt. Speaking of mighty... MIGHTYENA, RETURN! Go, Rayquaza!


(Falkner): The mighty one! I shall obtain it!

(Zero): ... Obtain my butt.

(Falkner): HYPER BEAM!

Aerodactyl charged up a Hyper Beam. And fired. Rayquaza dodged. Rayquaza used Extremespeed and attacked Aerodactyl in the tail.

(Zero): RETURN! Go, Mightyena!

(Mightyena): MIGHTY!

(Aerodactyl): RRRROOOOO!

Aerodactyl fired a few hundred good ole' Hyper Beams, I reckon. That Mightyena dodged 'em all. Yup, I reckon this accent is-a gettin' 'nnoyin'. Anywho, that good ole' arena'd been done destroyed.

(Falkner): There's no where to run!



(Falkner): So? A big, lugging beast stuck to the ground! I pity you and your-

Onix tackled Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl fell, and the arena did too. The whole gym was destroyed. Falkner? He was laying there, knocked out. He flipped a Zephyr badge to Zero.


Officer Jenny and Looker approached Zero.

(Officer Jenny): Destroying a Team Aero base? Good job, kiddo! Falkner will be arrested.

(Looker): And you have earned yourself a spot in the International Police!

(Zero): I'm a member of SHIELD? YAY! Onix, return!

(Looker): Oh, forget it.

A girl approached Zero.

(Girl): Can I join you on your quest to destroy Team Aero?

(Zero): Okay. What's your name?

(Girl): I'm Rachel.

(Zero): You can come along.

(Rachel): Yay! Come on Minccino!

Zero, Rachel, and Minccino piled up on Rayquaza. Rayquaza flew away to Unova.

Where I reckon my good ole' southern accent will be used a good lot of it. YEEEEEE-HAAAAAW!

The End